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“Aromamedia’s” art

On October 23, 2008 an unusual event took place in Moscow – “Scent+art”. The event signed
the 3rd anniversary of “Aromamedia’s” active operations and the existence of aromamarketing
in Russia. However this is where business ends and creative work begins.

The idea of synergy of scents and various art personalities was the basis of art project, hence
the title of the event. The aim of the event was to introduce the audience to the new communicative
possibilities that are more than just a business idea, but rather an art form.

The performance was divided into 4 typical areas:
in the first the guests were welcomed by a lyrical scent, bringing warm
and pleasant memories.
The main hero of the event – His Majesty the Nose – welcomed the public, presented in full human scale.

Video installation on scent topics were demonstrated on the screen,
the room was wrapped in a playful tone giving the best quotes from world literature on the sense of smell, scents and odours.

Having shed the coats and tasted the bubbly champagne, the invitees
went up the marble staircase with all the colours of the rainbow. The walls
of stair flights were also decorated with various basic facts for the scent connoisseurs.

The second area was uniquely made. The main idea was to address the 3 main communication channels: sight, sense of smell and some help from the hearing channel.

The speciality of the area was in the paintings of young artists who depicted their feelings, emotions, impressions of the given scents. So every exposition in the room was accompanied by a particular congruent scent and soft mysterious sound.

Without weakening attention from the process of cognition and trying on new emotions, the guests entered
the 3rd area with small cosy rooms adorned with silky woven curtains.
Every room hosted an installation that made the guests not to associate one with another (like in the second area) but evoked fantasy and a connection between the image and fragrances. Moreover, some images were with a stereo effect, and with the help of an anaglyph enhance the impressions.
Lots of small paper planes were flying above people’s heads, directing them to the next area with a soft light surrounding them.

Following the planes, people arrived in the largest hall, the heart
of the exhibition, with lots of music and fragrances getting right
to the heart of everyone.
Rays of light were dispersed by glass tables hanging in the air with
a selection of hors d’ouvres.
Special attention was devoted to the full-wall projection of specially
selected video-art reels on the fragrance topics.

The final chord was presented by an exclusive dj-set by Vito de Luca from Aeroplane (Belgium), a leading modern group in space and atmosphere disco.
The performance was supported by the fragrance “Space voyage” specially created for this event and a grand visual dedicated to modern civilization.

The main characteristic of a fragrance – that of staying for a long time in our memory – was fully supported
when the guests were encourage to take any fragrance they heard with them in the end of the evening.

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